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She takes some thrilling risks, pushing the voice for dramatic effect, and the results are often electrifying. But Katharine can also draw you in with sustained, floated pianissimi, so private and delicate that she breaks your heart.

Opera Today, James Sohre

Boston’s Odyssey Opera presents Tobias Picker’s and Aryeh Stollman’s new opera, “Awakenings,” on February 25, 2023, featuring Katharine as IRIS LEV. The opera, based on the book by Dr. Oliver Sacks, will be recorded by Boston Modern Orchestra Projects.




Watch Katharine as Ruth in “The Pirates of Penzance” streaming now on Atlanta Opera’s website.


Katharine’s recording of Mozart’s concert aria KV 505, “Ch’io mi scordi di te? Non temer, amato bene” with pianist Cyprien Katsaris and the Salzburger Kammerphilharmonie, under the direction of Yoon Kuk Lee was just released!


With bull’s-eye pitch and exquisitely controlled dynamics, Goeldner’s voice shines throughout, with her upper register occasionally
blasting through with great dramatic effect...
Richmond Times-Dispatch, Andy Garrigue

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